This Airline Passenger With The Horrific, Pus-Oozing Leg Wound Is The Ultimate Travel Nightmare (NSFL)


I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the ‘Passenger Shaming’ Instagram account, but there is some downright disgusting stuff on there. A real in-depth look into the horrors of modern-day travel. Passengers putting their gross, manky feet up on the seats in front of them, shaving their legs in front of everybody, letting their hair extensions flop down over the seat behind them. There’s even a guy on there clipping his toe nails.

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And yet none of that even comes close to comparing to the guy with the massive leg wound dripping pus all over the carpet.

Just look at the state of this:

You’d be begging for the person with gnarly, bunion-infested bare feet if you were sat next to this guy oozing warm pus out of his leg and leaving puddles of it everywhere. I mean there’s no way you can eat your bag of peanuts and drink your Coke sat anywhere near this guy, right?

Pro tip for the future – if you don’t know how to dress a wound properly so that you’re not leaking pus and blood everywhere you go then at least put on a pair of jeans or trekkies to cover it all up. Bit of common courtesy goes a long way to not featuring on the pages of Sick Chirpse.

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