Unbelievably Racist AirBnb Host Cancels On Black Woman In The Most Savage Way Possible


This guy is the absolute worst.

An Airbnb host over in North Carolina reportedly cancelled on an investment banker after finding out she was black and then informed her using some seriously savage racial and sexist slurs.

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Todd Warner initially accepted the woman’s reservation in Charlotte, NC but then hours later cited her race as the reason he was cancelling.

Shani C. Taylor, a friend of the women, posted part of the convo on Twitter:

After reporting Warner to Airbnb, the woman explained that she was an investment banker and told him:

I might just buy the apartment/house next to you, and watch you squirm, you piece of shit.

Warner responded that he’d retired with $22 million at age 44 because he was “not N*GGER like with my spending” and didn’t “have 80 babies that (I) can’t afford.”

Airbnb confirmed earlier today that they’ve permanently banned the host.


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I guess this lady will be staying in a hotel for the time being. Seems the kind of experience that would put you off Airbnb for a while. Which is probably a good thing anyway because staying in a hotel is SO MUCH BETTER than staying at some random stranger’s Airbnb pad. I stayed in an Airbnb once and couldn’t get comfortable for the life of me because I knew it was someone else’s house and I wanted to keep everything clean and tidy at all times. With a hotel you can do whatever the fuck you want. Also less likely to have someone call you the N word. Result.

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