Aftershave Bathroom Attendants Are Now Accepting Tips Via Card Payment

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Keeping up with the times.

It’s pretty annoying when you visit a club and there’s a guy in the toilet helping you wash your hands and scrub up good for all those hot mamas out on the dance floor. It’s helpful, but of course they’re expecting you to pay them and it gets old having to throw coins every time you need to go to the toilet.

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It’s usually pretty easy to fob them off though by just shrugging your shoulders or saying you don’t have any money, but one savvy bathroom attendant has managed to sidestep this by introducing a card machine at his sink to ensure that everyone can afford to tip him. Unless they’re an asshole like me of course – get a load of this:

Not sure where that club is, but I’m fairly certain I’m gonna try my hardest to avoid it in the near future. No way can I afford to be paying my man in the bathroom on card every single time. Although serious props to the guy for the idea.

For more toilet antics in expensive clubs, check out this video. Gross.


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