Drunk Girl Receives Disgusting Swill After Using Glass As A Toilet

Instant karma.

Clubs are a strange environment when you think about it, because pretty much anything goes and when you’re completely and utterly trashed you can set the bar on that pretty goddamn high.

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Case in point, this video below. No idea where it is, but some girl is absolutely off her face in a club and decides that she’s going to urinate in a glass in the middle of the dance floor. You know, because it would be so hard for her to just walk over to the toilet and take a slash there.

Anyway, the girl thought she was going to get away with peeing in a glass but it didn’t quite work out that way for her:

Oooof. You know that’s going to be a completely horrible feeling when that warm liquid body waste goes all over her back, although given the state that she’s in to even contemplate letting rip all over the dance floor, it’s highly possible that she didn’t even register it going all over her. That might be good in the short term, but considering she probably went home and passed out in those clothes, it doesn’t really bear thinking about. Grimy.

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