Blink 182 premier another new song but you have to play a really annoying game to get a hold of it.

So if you’re a regular reader of Sick Chirpse (and if you’re not why not, huh?) then you’ll probably have noticed I’ve been posting up all the new Blink 182 songs off their new record Neighbourhoods which is due to come out at the end of September. To say I was excited about the record after hearing these new Blink 182 songs would be an understatement (although I’m definitely more excited about them then the new Green Day songs) as they have all sucked, yet the nostalgia of my childhood compels me to post each new Blink 182 song when it becomes available.

So here’s another new Blink 182 song. This one is called ‘After Midnight’ and differs from the others in that they’re actually letting you download it this time. But to be annoying, you have to go to this website and play this really annoying game where you have to stop a sign that counts up from zero to 999 really fast on 182 exactly to get it. It took me 90 attempts (check the Sick Chirpse twitter if you don’t believe me, and follow us while you’re at it) to land it. This is probably just because I’m a retard but I know it took Shoey 33 attempts too. so it’s not exactly that easy.

Anyway, at the end of your troubles, you get a new Blink 182 song ‘After Midnight’ that you can download and put on your mp3 player or whatever. Unless you’re really good at stopping numbers going up on a particular number I’d recommend not bothering. ‘After Midnight’ is really slow and boring and doesn’t really go anywhere and Tom Delonge sings all of it. I would go as far as to say that ‘After Midnight’ is the worst of the new Blink 182 songs that have been released. Alternatively you could just watch it on this youtube video I found below. It even has the lyrics on it so you can learn all of the lyrics to ‘After Midnight’ before the new Blink 182 record even comes out!


If you’re still interested in listening to Blink 182 after listening to that crap and think that Tom Delonge might have finally learned to play guitar live, make sure you enter our competition to go see them live next summer here.

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