Advice For Heterosexual Women Encountering Lesbians in 1988


It’s hard to believe you even needed to have advice over what to do in this kind of situation, but the advice itself is even more ridiculous.

It’s hard to believe that the world was actually still like this in 1988 because that was only 26 years ago, but that’s allegedly where this pamphlet came from. It was found by New York magazine’s pop music critic Jody Rosen who states that it was ‘unearthed by a friend packing for a move’. Sounds like this friend’s family might have been living in the same house since the 1900s because it amazes me that this is from 1988, but still I haven’t really got any reason to doubt him.

Anyway, this is some pretty stone age stuff as far as homo/hetero relations can be seen beginning and ending with some real peaches. ‘Do not run from the room’ could probably be applied to meeting anyone of a minority/slight difference but the fact that it even needs to be said in 1988 baffles me.

This part of the closing statement: ‘pretend to be a lesbian for 24 hours. What kind of things do you notice about how different this feels?’ has to be my favourite though. I mean how do you pretend to be a lesbian, so much so that it actually affects your feelings etc. I guess we could ask Jessie J, but it’s doubtful that even she knew what she was doing when she was pretending to be bi.

Bottom line is that this is really stupid, but it’s good that society has progressed so far that we can laugh at how retarded it it. It’s sad that stuff like this was ever produced and some of the stuff that is still going on in the world is obviously way worse that this. Still, if gay marriage is now legal in some places in the world that were handing out pamphlets like this 26 years ago, at least it gives hope that one day it might be accepted worldwide.

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