An Advert Has Appeared Saying That Black Mirror Season 6 Is ‘Live Now, Everywhere’

We’re living it.

One of the running gags of the last couple of months has been that reality had turned into an episode of ‘Black Mirror’ and now it seems like Netflix have decided to capitalise on this by placing an advert about it in Madrid.

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The advertisement was crated by an advertising agency in the city called Brother and has rocked up all over bus stops across the Spanish capital. Pretty on point hey?

Incredibly though, it seems like the adverts aren’t the work of Netflix or Charlie Brooker or anyone to do with Black Mirror and instead solely seems to be the work of the Brother agency. Not really sure why they would do that – it’s a fairly obvious stunt – and you would think that they would face some legal repercussions from Netflix given how popular and valuable the property is, but maybe they thought it was worth it get their name out there?

Hopefully it works out for them, although given the way the world is going right now there might not be much of a planet left for them to capitalise on by the end of the year. I mean it’s only going to get worse isn’t it?

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