An Adult Baby Explains Why He Loves Wearing Nappies And Pooing Them

Adult Baby

So that’s why.

The adult baby community has really been exposed to the mainstream in recent times thanks to a number of television and internet documentaries and it seems like it’s something that definitely fascinates most of us as we can’t get enough of it.

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More and more content is becoming available to us and the latest piece comes courtesy of the Metro, who interviewed a 35 year old estate agent from South London who they named Mark about his experiences as an adult baby and just why it got him off. Here’s what he had to say:

It feels great sitting in a wet and soiled nappy. For a normal person it would be horrible but for me it feels comforting, while also naughty and humiliating.

I’ve never had a session with a professional mummy or nanny to adult babies because none of them are very pretty. I’d have to fancy them in order to go for it.

One of my girlfriends did accommodate my fetish though. It turned me on so much when she changed my nappy.

I was super excited. Sometimes she’d wank me off into my nappy by putting her hand in.

We had sex when I was in nappies too, sometimes when I was being changed – or when it was wet, I’d pull it down a bit so my penis poked over the top and we’d do it doggy style.

It wasn’t her favourite thing about me being in nappies, but she didn’t mind because she was my girlfriend, and she said it was part of going out with a big baby.

Sometimes she’d punish me, by making me sit in it when it was full. She’d say I was stinky and I’d sit in the corner. I enjoyed that a lot.

She said that ABDL turned her on, but I think it’s weird, so I don’t see how someone else would be turned on by it. If it wasn’t weird, you’d be able to buy adult Pampers in Boots instead of having to get big nappies online!

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Now ‘I sh*t and p*ss myself, and don’t change until I really have to – like when they are leaking. Even then, I’ll sometimes just put plastic pants on over the top.

Sometimes I put myself on a 24 hour “nappy punishment” where I imagine a girlfriend has caught me doing something naughty and she’s punishing me by not changing me.

The longest I’ve gone without changing is two days. I add more, bigger nappies, over the top, with holes in each layer so the wee can soak through. It gets big and bulky, so I have to crawl or waddle.

I’d never go to work in a nappy, so it’s usually just on weekends when I get the chance to wear them out.

It might look a bit bulky and some people might notice, but they probably wouldn’t expect it to be a nappy so they don’t realise.

Also, I’ve worn them out more in winter, when I’ve got a big coat covering the jeans – and I’ve never messed myself when I’m out of the house, just wet.

I do have a fantasy where a pretty woman notices I’m in a nappy, then she checks, and decides I need changing!

I wish that wearing a nappy didn’t turn me on – if I knew why I liked it, I’d be able to go back and unlike it, I’d love to be like a normal person.

I wonder, if I got into a relationship again, whether I’d tell my girlfriend and risk her leaving me, or do I just hide it forever? I don’t know if I’ll ever reveal that side of me to someone I love, or if I’ll trade nappies for happiness.

Well it seemed pretty simple why he likes wearing nappies – because it turns him on. Doesn’t it all just come down to that?

Glad we got to the bottom of that, even if it is pretty weird mate. Certainly reassuring that I’ll never have to think about choosing nappies or happiness in my lifetime.

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