Adrian Edmondson Has Apparently Landed A Role In Star Wars Episode VIII

Adrian Edmondson

J.J. Abrams was impressed with him and has given him an ‘eccentric part’.

Reports have emerged today that much loved British comedian (and long term collaborator with the late/great Rik Mayall) Adrian “Ade” Edmondson has apparently landed a role in Star Wars Episode VIII, courtesy of the man in charge of the whole rebirth of the franchise himself, J.J. Abrams.

Here’s what an unnamed source had to say about it all:

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Ade is one of the most-loved comedy stars in the UK but even he would admit Star Wars is a surprise move for him.

While J.J. Abrams isn’t directing, he is still heavily involved and he is really keen on British talent.

Adrian Edmondson Star Wars

Ade heavily impressed him and director Rian Johnson after auditioning for a part.

His character is top secret, like everything else to do with the film and its plot. But given his old comedy characters, it would make sense for them to give him an eccentric part.

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Well, that’s suitably vague but I doubt this story would be doing the rounds unless there was at least some element of truth to it. Of course, we’re probably not going to find out about it until next Christmas as those guys are very good at keeping everything under wraps aren’t they?

It would be great to see Ade Edmondson turn up in the next episode though wouldn’t it? And given how Abrams gave a lot of British actors a chance in the last movie, it’s hardly outside the realms of possibility is it? Watch this space.

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