34-Year-Old Man Got His Wife Stolen By 19-Year-Old Boy They Adopted, Destroyed A 9-Year Marriage

Damn that’s rough.

Wow, this kid really brought stepmum porn to real life. Can’t imagine how much of it he was watching before executing his master plan! Just such a brutal situation for this poor dude. Stunned he has guts to go on TikTok (of all places) and talk about it so openly, but I guess once you get cuckolded by your adopted son there’s not much else in life that can hurt you. Pretty wild that his wife’s family is totally accommodating of the situation too? What’s that all about?

I guess this guy has 2 options now – get his revenge by shagging his adopted son’s real mum, or just get over it and move on with this life. Seems to me like he’s going with the latter, which is fair enough really. Could have done without the montage of the kids with the sad music at the end though. We already feel bad enough for you as it is, dude!

For footage of a man catching his wife sleeping with his best friend (who pretends to be asleep the entire time), click HERE. Weirdly hilarious.


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