Adidas Launches Vomit And Beer Repellant Shoes To Keep Your Sneaks Fresh In The Club

Adidas Made In Germany Oxtoberfest


Festivals are an excellent experience, but one of the worst things about them is that you can never look that cool in your best pair of sneakers because chances are that you’re going to ruin them. Even if it isn’t really muddy in a field somewhere, it’s highly likely that someone is going to spill beer on them or you’ll tread in puke etc and your prize pair of shoes will never look the same.

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That’s not going to be a problem anymore though thanks to Adidas, as in order to celebrate Germany’s upcoming Oktoberfest, they’ve decided to release the new ‘Made In Germany’ sneakers which actively repel vomit, beer and all other assorted liquids. This means that you can walk around the festival looking great – the shoes actually look pretty dope – without worrying about screwing them up from all the crap that people are spilling everywhere. Genius.

Here’s a promo video explaining how they work:

Tidy. If you manage to snag a pair they’re probably useful for just about any occasion because pretty much every time you go out you’re fighting a losing battle to not screw up your shoes and as they look cool you can probably wear them to any club/festival/every day event and get away with it. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

For more Oktoberfest, check out what they do to drunk girls over at the Munich edition of the event. Nasty.


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