Adidas Just Fucked Up Massively With This Completely Awful Spelling Mistake

Adidas Columbia

Sort it out guys.

All eyes in England today will be on the start of the European Championships, but across the pond the focus has firmly been on the Copa America which is currently taking place in the USA and has been going on for the last week.  

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As with most major tournaments, the kit sponsors are eager to flog their replica kits to anyone who will buy them and their marketing game has gone into overdrive. With one exception that is, as Adidas have well and truly fucked up their posters advertising the Colombia strip. Get a load of this:


Columbia 1

Ok, in case you didn’t spot it, somehow they’ve managed to spell the name of the country wrong by putting a U in there instead of an O. Somehow this isn’t a one off either and they’ve managed to do it across their ENTIRE campaign for the new strip.

Someone is getting fired pretty soon. Maybe even the whole team because that is completely unacceptable and awful. What an absolute screw up. How the hell can a huge multinational company mess that up so badly?

For more awful spelling mistakes, check out this woman who got busted for murdering her husband because she made a spelling mistake in the suicide note. Whoops.


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