Adidas And Palace Preview Their New Collab By Ripping Into Traditional Sports Ads


All day Ich dream about sportswear.

Palace are a skate brand that don’t take themselves too seriously and this is clearly reflected in their new advert for their collaborative collection with Adidas.

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The advert mocks typical sportswear brand adverts by featuring a comedy German guy playing squash terribly and describing what the Adidas brand means to him: ‘libido enhancement,’ ‘accurate sewing’ and ‘extravagant price points’. This theme continues through the one minute long advert, with the slogan appearing as ‘I push myself, I challenge myself, I play with myself,’ with Adidas being revealed as standing for ‘All day Ich dream about sportswear,’ before the German guy speeds away in his top of the range car. Of course.

Great stuff, but I suppose we shouldn’t really be that surprised when it comes to Palace after their legendary summer advert featuring a bemused and superimposed Jonah Hill at their London store. These guys know how to do it right.

For more skateboarding parodies, check out this company that makes clothes for babies ripping off your favourite brands. I know what little Timmy is gonna be wearing.


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