Adele Butter Dance

Adele Butter Dance

What’s funnier than performance art? It’s the Adele Butter Dance.

Adele Butter Dance

Well, I’m not too sure what to say about this really. It’s basically just a video of this woman dancing on a pile of butter while this Adele song plays and I suppose you just have to take what you can from it. I thought that it looked a little too serious to be a joke and wondered if it was meant to be some kind of performance art, which it turns out is exactly what it is.

The video was an art piece by Lilith Performance Studio, and then some guys thought it’d be funny to put the video to an Adele song, and well, they were right. The song works well and makes the whole thing seem really sad and buttery. It gets pretty intense towards the end too when the woman keeps falling over and is just rolling around in all the butter. Check it out:

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If anyone is in any kind of doubt as to what exactly is happening, and why it is considered art, Lilith Performance Studio describe the original video as the following;

“20 blocks of butter in a square on the black dance carpet. Suryodarmo enters the space, dressed in a black tight dress and red high heels. She steps on the pieces of butter. She starts to dance to the sound of indonesian shamanistic drums. She dances and falls, hitting the floor hard, rising, and continuously being on the verge of standing, slipping and falling in the butter. After twenty minutes Suryodarmo rises one last time, covered in butter, and leaves the space.”

Pretty artistic right?


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