Adam Johnson Has Aspirations To Become A Hairdresser

Adam Johnson Hairdresser

Well, we all know what teen girls like doing at the weekend.

Not too long ago we found out that Adam Johnson’s prison job was mopping floors for £11 per week. But now it looks like he is sacking off the bleach and bucket in place of a pair of scissors, as he is keen to take on a qualification in hairdressing. This guy is really reaching for the stars since being fired from Sunderland Football Club.

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The course at Moorland prison, Doncaster, (where he was transferred earlier this month) focuses on barber shop work, meaning he could maybe grease a few palms with his mad shaving and cutting skills while he waits out the rest of his sentence. A source said:

He really fancies a go at it. His mum used to do it so it runs in the family.

Ah, his mum must be so proud. Still, if he sees this through then he might just have a vocation to keep him going once his stint is up and he finally gets released.

Prison barber

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Seriously though, what a fall from grace. Obviously hairdressing is a great job to have and it pays the bills – but to go from a nation’s hero, earning £60,000 per week to a dodgy, teen fiddler with a pair of scissors is a bit of a step down. What a fuck up.

As said, at least he might be able to use his new skill to bribe inmates and make sure that he doesn’t get ‘the razor blade treatment.’


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