Ad Hack Have Replaced London Underground Adverts With Guerrilla Protest Advertisements

It’s brandalism not vandalism

If you’ve travelled on the London Underground in the last few weeks, you may have noticed some unusual advertising signs.


This is thanks to a loose collective of activists calling themselves the Special Patrol Group, who have started altering or replacing billboards on the tube in the style of Fight Club’s Project Mayhem.

The group claim to have altered 400 tube ads so far and many bus stop billboards too. The act known as brandalsm was inspired by some cities in Brazil and France where outdoor advertising has been banned.


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The group are calling on London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to ban or at least restrict the amount of outdoor advertising in London as they claim it is invasive and often sexist. And I think they have a point.

Of course, defacing adverts is illegal and I wouldn’t advise anyone to copy this group. However, what isn’t illegal is going to a workshop on how to do it.


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