Despite being pictured looking old and gross earlier this year, rumours that an actual S Club 7 reunion will happen next year are starting to do the rounds.

One of the most popular posts Sick Chirpse has ever put up was about when the members of S Club 7 hung out together and looked really old and gross. To be fair it was pretty big news at the time. But today there’s some ever bigger news from the S Club 7 camp as it turns out that the gang might actually be getting back together for more than just an awkward photo shoot. An S Club 7 reunion I hear you say!? That’s right. Apparently plans are in the works.

After seeing how well several reunion tours have done in the UK recently (namely Take That and Steps but more realistically Steps because let’s face it, S Club 7 aren’t exactly Take That are they) S Club 7 are trying to muscle their way in on the act and get a piece of that reunion tour money. Of course, Paul, Jo and Bradley have been performing as S Club 3 at Oceanas all over the country for the past few years so we knew that they would be down for it, but it now seems that the big guns like Rachel Stevens and Hannah Spearritt are actually interested in starting up the S Club Party machine again. Pretty exciting stuff huh!?

Apparently Simon Fuller still owns the rights to the name S Club 7 so the likelihood of a tour all depends on what deal he can thrash out, but it would seems stupid for him not to go for it as an S Club 7 reunion would inevitably bring in quite a few bucks. Apparently the reunion will involve a TV show (akin to how S Club 7 got their first big breaks by attempting to act in terrible TV shows like Miami 7 and LA 7), a reunion tour as well as an updated greatest hits album. Which apparenlty is exactly what Steps are doing with their reunion tour, although I wouldn’t know as I’m more of an S Club 7 fan than a Steps fan. But can S Club 7 really put out bangers like this one anymore?!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X0EjwF8o0g’]


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