This Actor Made A Movie Trailer With Random People On The Street

Run N Gun

It actually turned out pretty well.

Actor J.D. Walsh has appeared in many major movies and TV shows (Spiderman 2, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Castle) but usually in a supporting role that probably goes unnoticed to the majority of people watching the movie.

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That might be about to change though thanks to his latest project, which he’s entitled Run N Gun Pilot. In it, he headed to the streets of Los Angeles and asked random people in the street to shoot three minutes of a scene with him in order to make a movie trailer for a Hollywood action movie about a cop who is looking for his son. Although a lot of people refused, a lot of people played along and joined in, and the actual trailer looks pretty decent with some pretty funny performances when you watch it at the end of this video.

Check it out:

Looks pretty sweet huh? I don’t think they’re actually ever going to release the movie and unfortunately all we’ve got there is the trailer, but hopefully J.D. Walsh will see how well this one went and try and film a full movie out of it next time. We’ll have to wait and see whether he decides to do that or whether this is just a one off though.

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