You Can Now Sign Up For An Acting Masterclass With Samuel L. Jackson


That IS a tasty burger.

When you think of the legendary actors of the last twenty years, it’s almost a certainty that Samuel L. Jackson is gonna show up in there somewhere. The guy has played so many iconic roles over the years and shows no signs of stopping, as he’s still making four movies a year and aiming to appear in the most movies ever before he passes away.

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So that’s why if you’re a budding actor, there’s probably nobody out there better to learn from and thankfully Samuel is now giving you this opportunity thanks to his acting Masterclass. He’s offering you the chance to learn to read a script, work your voice, fully get into character and nail your auditions, all over the course of 20 lessons.

What’s more, that will only set you back $90, which seems like a fairly reasonable price for such a program. Of course you’re not actually going to meet Samuel L. and it’s all done via videos on the internet, but even so it seems like a bit of a snip to learn from the master. Check out the trailer below:

Looks decent doesn’t it? Probably worth it just to hear Samuel L. Jackson talk to you to be honest, even if you’re not looking to get into acting. Sign me up.

For more Samuel L. Jackson, check him out performing a Walter White monologue. Guy can nail anything.


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