Ace Power Workout Tool/Sex Device

Ace Power

The Shake Weight has a competitor from South Korea called Ace Power. Could it possibly be worse?

Ace Power

That’s right; the infamous Shake Weight that baffled the world with its explicitly sexual motion actually has a competitor. And no, it’s not an exercise machine to help guys with their egg crate skills. It benefits the blokes…again. Of course it does! It’s a patriarchal world we live in remember?

This time though, the product isn’t from America. Instead, we’re in the eastern stretches of the world that is South Korea. And what lovely item have they got for us? Ace Power! Apparently, it’s supposed to mimic the action of horse riding. What the advertisers are trying to imply here is that this is what you tell your girlfriend when you buy Ace Power for her birthday.

It’s obviously a sex machine! And South Korea, you’ve clearly missed a trick here because James Brown’s famous hit definitely should have been Ace Power’s theme tune as it’s blatantly clear you had ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ playing in the background when you were drawing up this rocking horse.

But is it worse than the Shake Weight? Not quite, but good effort South Korea. On the plus, ladies around the world have everything they need to become an absolute killer in the bedroom. Smut stars are quaking at the thought of it.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MzzLsJEzR8&feature=player_embedded’]


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