Labour Just Posted This Worryingly Accurate Theresa May Translator

Theresa may

Nailed it.

Theresa May’s appearance on this week’s ‘Battle for Number 10’ interview has been described as “poor”, due to her almost robotic performance.

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She was a far cry from the strong and stable figure her campaign has made her out to be (the crowd even ripped into her at one point):

Maybe her performance was thrown off by the worryingly accurate Theresa May translator posted by the Labour press team shortly before the event.

Obviously it’s a bit of a laugh, but it totally drives home the idea that the Conservative campaign has been focused a lot on soundbites and fluffed up sentences rather than substance.

As the run up to the election draws closer, it appears that the tactics are getting dirtier. That’s a definite 1 point to Labour – I’m looking forward to seeing what Theresa’s got up her sleeve to come back with.


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