This Is An Absolutely Life Changing Way To Eat Your Sandwich


No jokes, this will blow your mind.

Eating sandwiches is absolutely awesome and I don’t think that there’s anyway that anyone can disagree with that. They’ve pretty much got something for everyone unless you’re a coeliac or have a wheat allergy – I guess then you can just whack all the ingredients in a salad or whatever but it just isn’t the same is it? You’ll probably just look at your buddy tucking into his sandwich and wish you were doing the same.

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Anyway, I’m sure that many people reading this will have picked up a sandwich from somewhere like Subway or Jimmy John’s or the equivalent and you usually get the option to make this a meal deal or something by spending a little extra cash and adding a drink and a packet of crisp to your meal. Here’s where things get life changing.

Normally, you’re probably going to whack a fair dose of sauce on your sandwich and it probably really annoys you because it drips out of the end of it through that crappy wrapper you have and all over your hands and clothes. There’s a very easy way to avoid that if you bought the packet of crisps though, and hey – you don’t even need to eat the crisps if you don’t want to.

First you have to empty the packet of crisps onto the crappy sandwich wrapper, like so:

Sandwich 1

Easy. You now have an empty crisp packet that you can use to hold your sandwich and make sure that it never drips anywhere ever again. Check it out:

Sandwich 2

I know that sounds so simple now but you’ve got to admit that is impressive, and you’re definitely gonna give it a go next time you visit somewhere like Subway. It can even work when you’re getting a burrito or a falafel too. So many different options.

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