Aaron Carter Vows To Make ‘Classy’ Porn Video & Wants $3,000,000 For His Sex Tape

Oh god no.

No doubt you’ve all been eagerly anticipating an update to Aaron Carter’s porn career after he made his X-rated debut the other week.

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Nick Carter’s little bro sent young girls, gay dudes (probably), and paedos who have been following his career since a child crazy when he popped up on sex stream site Cam Soda recently:

Well apparently that didn’t make him enough money because he’s now asking for $3,000,000 to do a proper sex tape.

As reported by Fox:

Aaron Carter is returning to the adult entertainment website CamSoda on Friday night, just two weeks after he made his debut.

The singer, 32, discussed his plans for a “classy” performance on his piano for the upcoming live camera show. “I’m going to hop on the piano,” he told Page Six Thursday, before adding that “kinky stuff like hot wax” would be involved.

Carter also revealed he had no plans to make a sex tape — that is, unless the pay is “in the $3 million range,” he said. “I’m a singer, not an adult star,” he added.

Well OK, get ready for some “classy” porn I guess? Which I think means he’s going to stick some classical music on or play some of his own on the piano before the “kinky stuff like hot wax” gets involved. You’ll have to tune in to be sure.

The craziest part about this of course is that Aaron Carter thinks his sex tape is worth 3 MILLION dollars? Pretty sure not even a Hollywood A-lister could get that amount for their sex tape, let alone Aaron Carter (who has literally done things like wank in shower on Cam Soda already). Like he says though, he’s a singer, not an adult star. Can’t expect him to know how the adult film world works straight away.

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For a look at more of Aaron’s insane antics over the last 12 months or so, click HERE. His path has been interesting to say the least.


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