Aaron Carter Is Having A Boxing Match With A Former NBA Player; Smokes Bong To Celebrate

Should be a ten second knockout.

A couple of years ago we were all about Lil Aaron Carter (Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys little brother in case you didn’t know) going completely crazy and having a whole bunch of meltdowns, but he seems to have calmed down during the pandemic and is now focussing on celebrity boxing matches. Why not? Seems to be what a lot of people are doing at the moment.

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Anyway, Carter had been fixing for a fight with Jake Paul, but instead is going to have to face off against 6’10” former 14 season NBA basketball star Lamar Odom. I’ll be honest I haven’t a clue who Odom is, but even just from writing that it sounds like he’s gonna absolutely batter Lil Aaron Carter when they meet in Atlantic City on June 12th.

Nevertheless, Carter thought that it would be great to celebrate the fight being announced in a video where he’s smoking a cigarette and then hitting a bong. Take a look:

Yeah, something kinda tells me he’s not really taking the fight too seriously if he’s still smoking weed and cigarettes? I know it’s four months away, but still that stuff is gonna completely destroy your cardio in the build up to something like this. Better to stop right away.

Hope Carter starts to take it more seriously, otherwise he’ll just end up getting knocked out in ten seconds and memed to oblivion. That is kinda what everyone wants though, so swings and roundabouts.

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