Aaron Carter Is Claiming That He Was Raped By His Late Sister

The price of fame.

Aaron Carter exploded back onto the scene a couple of days ago after his brother Nick from the Backstreet Boys took out a restraining order against him and he responded by alleging that Nick was a rapist, but it seems like he isn’t stopping there and is unleashing a hell of a lot of truth bombs via his Twitter account.

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The latest rant from Aaron again goes all over the place, but the main point to take out of it is that he’s accusing his late sister Leslie of raping him from the age of 10-13. She died of a prescription drug overdose when she was 25 in 2012.

Aaron also alleges that he was raped by two backing dancers when he was growing up. Here are the tweets in question:

Well I dunno really what to make of all that. You have to believe him really but the way he’s choosing to present this information is a bit crazy and is gonna make people questions its validity, especially when his brother is the picture of calm.

The thing is though, holding something like this in for so long and then sharing it with the world is enough to make someone go a bit nuts so it probably is true. Not sure how this is going to play out, but wishing all the love to Aaron Carter and hoping that he sorts himself out with whatever issues he is facing at this time in his life.

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