Aaron Carter Gets Tattoo Of Three Month Girlfriend On Head; Domestic Violence Leads To Break Up

Oh Aaron.

One of the weirdest phenomenons of the past couple years is the re-emergence of Aaron Carter onto the celebrity gossip scene after many, many meltdowns and incidents involving strange behaviour and I suppose it’s good to know (kinda) that the Coronavirus crisis isn’t slowing this down in any way shape or form.

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Aaron was all loved up before the pandemic struck, declaring his love for new girlfriend Melanie Martin after only three months by getting a huge tattoo of her name on his forehead. Not sure if that would have been a good idea if the Coronavirus crisis hadn’t happened, but it definitely wasn’t during it because the pair have now split up after a domestic violence incident. Oh no!

TMZ said the following and Carter made a video announcing that he was single and tweeted the following too:

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was called to Aaron’s Lancaster home around 11 PM Sunday night for a domestic violence call.

We’re told there was a verbal spat between Aaron and Melanie and at some point it got physical.

The cops determined that Martin instigated the fight because Carter had scratches all over his face.

I mean that is kinda sad how true love can turn to violence and hatred so quickly, but I suppose we’ve all seen it happen and this quarantine isn’t helping anyone in that respect. I suppose it’s nothing less than we expect from the crazy world of Aaron Carter these days though.

Oh yeah there’s one last plot twist in this one as well – apparently Melanie told Aaron that she was pregnant just before the attack, but he thinks she’s lying. Should really start a reality TV show about this guy the way all this is playing out.

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