A Vegan Fried Chicken Joint Is Opening In London Next Year


But how?

The demand for vegan food has gone through the roof in recent years as more and more people turn towards an anti-cruelty diet, and it might have just peaked with the announcement that a vegan fried chicken joint is opening up in London at the start of next year.

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Temple Of Seitan is an all vegan brand that makes tasty ‘meat’ dishes out of seitan – a meat substitute that contains wheat gluten. They’ve usually just appeared at pop ups, markets and festivals all over the country, but in January they’re going to open their first standalone chicken shop in Hackney.

That’s just great because it’s really near where I live, and looking at these pictures you probably won’t even be able to tell it’s not actual fried chicken either because it looks pretty much exactly the same and completely delicious:




Mmmmm. Literally can’t wait for this place to open, although I did get the shits a couple of times after I ate wheat gluten. Hopefully that isn’t a regular occurrence and I can enjoy this food as much as I enjoy regular fried chicken.

If you’re still unconvinced by the argument for a vegan diet, then read this. It does kind of make sense.


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