A to Z Of The Smallest Weirdest Stuff (A-M)

Here’s a quick A-Z of small stuff. From barely legal bikinis to barely visible jigsaws. A mini mother and a minute muscleman. It’s a funny old world.

H) Smallest Hotel

Smallest Things - Hotel - Central Hotel Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s Central Hotel has just one 8 foot by 10 foot room and is situated above the city’s smallest cafe. It costs £170 per night which is a complete rip off. The room does have a flat screen and a mini bar though so it’s not all bad. The owner says the room is solidly booked all summer long so they must be doing something right I suppose.

I) Smallest Indian Body Builder

Smallest Things - Indian Bodybuilder - Aditya 'Romeo' Dev

Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev unfortunately died earlier this year at just 23 years of age. Before his untimely demise he was considered the smallest body builder in the world. He was just 2ft 9ins tall and weighed 10kgs. His diminutive size was due to primordial dwarfism, a particularly rare type of dwarfism.

J) Smallest Jigsaw

Smallest Things - Jigsaw - LIGA2.X jigsaw puzzle

I effing well hate jigsaws, they’re pointless. You see the picture on the box lid, then you have to remake that same picture out of annoyingly random shapes when you already know what it’s going to look like? WTF!? It’s like opening a present wrapped in barbed wire that you already know you don’t want. Slow, painful and disappointing.

The so-called LIGA2.X jigsaw puzzle pictured above consists of just 3 pieces which are all under a millimetre across. There’s not even a picture on it so it’s even more pointless than normal. It is clever though, I’ll give them that. Then I found the one pictured below, it’s made by a German company and they’ve managed to fit 100 pieces onto a 5mm x 5mm square of paper. Nutters.

Smallest Things - Jigsaw - German smallest jigsaw

Again, they’ve forgotten to put a picture on it, the plums.

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