A Stoner Killed His Cat By Slashing His Throat After It Ate His Weed


If you’re a massive stoner, there’s no denying that it would be really annoying if your cat ate all your weed, but I don’t think that’s any reason to slit its throat – when you think about it he would probably be punished enough by the massive whitey he would have to endure.

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Sadly though, this isn’t how 29 year old Adam Chapman chose to react on New Year’s Eve 2018 after his cat Lord Biris scoffed down all his marijuana – he decided to throw him to the ground and bash him against the floor numerous times before slitting his throat and murdering him instead of taking him to the animal hospital for treatment. Witnesses were so shocked by his behaviour that they had to leave the room, although you would think that one of them might have stepped in and tried to save Lord Biris from his cruel fate. Not really sure what that’s all about? Sounds like a rubbish New Year’s Eve Party.

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Anyway, magistrates at Bodmin Court called the incident horrendous and vicious and said that they had no other choice but to jail Chapman for eighteen weeks and charge him £205 in fines and costs. He’s also been banned from keeping animals for the rest of his life. Good.

It’s great that Chapman is being punished for his actions, but I kind of think that the magistrates are being a bit too lenient on him here? The guy sounds like an absolute psychopath and probably needs some psychological help as he straight up murdered his cat, but no an eighteen week jail sentence should be enough. Look out for this guy to do something even worse in the future.

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