A Shoe-Shaped Church Has Been Built In Taiwan To Attract Women

Not all girls are into shoes you know.

A massive, high-heeled shoe shaped church has been built in Taiwan, apparently to draw in more women to church.

Located in Ocean View Park on the east coast of the country, the 55 ft tall blue glass structure took two months to build and cost nearly $700,000 to make.


Spokesperson for the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, said that there will be 100 female-related features including chairs for lovers, biscuits and cake and maple leaves.

Huh? How are they female-related? I’m pretty sure men like cake and biscuits too. And who has any particular feeling towards maple leaves?

Anyway, the shoe was originally inspired by the story of a local woman whose wedding was cancelled after her legs were amputated so I guess it has a worthy backstory.


It’s going to be ready and open in February and will be used a lot for wedding shoots and ceremonies. I don’t know, it all seems a little bit patronising but each-to-their-own I guess and I reckon the whole Cinderella vibe is going to make it quite a popular venue.

I wonder if fashion related architecture will become another mad Taiwanese trend, like the geometric dog thing or the teens posting pictures of themselves dressed in plastic bags. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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