A Pizzeria In Dublin Will Pay you €500 If You Can Eat This Pizza In 30 Minutes

Challenge accepted.

It isn’t too often that we write about our friends over in Ireland, but this eating challenge really is worth mentioning because if you managed to smash it then you’ll be rewarded with a whopping €500 – that’s almost £500 with today’s exchange rate.

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The eating challenge comes courtesy of Pinheads Pizza in Dublin who are daring you to eat their ‘Notorious’ 32 inch pizza in under 32 minutes. It starts of at €35 for a plain one but if you want to add any toppings then that’ll set you back a bit more.

If you manage toe at it all yourself though you’ll also get it for free and if you can scoff it down in half an hour then they’ll give you €500. Seriously looks like it would be impossible to do that though unless you were a very legit professional eater because it’s absolutely ginormous and would probably fill you up after one or two slices.

If you’re thinking about taking the challenge, make sure you call Pinheads ahead of time because it takes them about an hour to make the comically large pizza. Good luck.

For more of the same, check out this pub in Manchester offering a 40 inch pizza eating competition. That’s even harder.


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