A Man Who Filmed Himself Having Sex With Horses Has Been Banned From Going Near Stables



Having sex with horses is still a bit of a taboo in society, so it’s not really surprising that if you get caught doing it then you’re going to get arrested for it and go to court.

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That’s exactly what happened to the latest man to cross these pages to have sex with a horse, 36 year old Shane Trafford Taylor-Waters from Accrington, who had also received a caution for a similar offence when he was only 17. Prosecutor Philippa White revealed what happened that day:

A man came out of a stable block and Mrs Bernadette Hillary – who was attending to her horses in the yard – recognised him as a member of staff at a shop.

He said he had heard a firework and had gone to calm down one of the horses.

He was asked to leave.

Mrs Hilary then spotted a strange substance on the back of one of her horse’s legs.

She wiped it off with a tissue before alerting the cops.

They told her to recover the tissue and inquiries were commenced.

In a second interview, he admitted carrying out a sexual act with a horse and also admitted that he had recorded the event on his mobile phone.

His only previous matter was a caution for similar behaviour in 1997.


Although Taylor-Waters could have receive jail sentence for the crime, his lawyer Richard Prew is looking to get him off of it by saying he was mentally ill and currently receiving treatment regarding his desires:

My client says he made images so he could look back with revulsion at what he had done rather than show it to someone else.

Since his second police interview he has sought psychiatric help.

And it is clear he needs help rather than punishment.

It is not a straightforward case and the bench should have the fullest information before sentencing.

Taylor-Waters plead guilty and a judge will decide his sentence in a few days. Until then he’s been bailed but isn’t allowed within 100m of any stables. Let’s hope this psychiatrist helps him out and he stops wanting to fuck horses and doesn’t have to go to jail – I’m not sure what they do to people who fuck animals in prison but if it’s anything like what they do to people that fuck kids it’s not going to be pretty.

For an insight into the mind of someone who wants to have sex with horses, check out this interview with somebody who does it on the reg. Weird.



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