A Guy In Louisiana Named Tee-Boi Has Set Up A Trailer Park For Swingers

What a delightful summer destination.

I daresay that a lot of us out there have an idea about what your stereotypical redneck American from one of the southern states looks and acts like and that this stereotype might be unfair in some cases, but then you see something like this and you understand that it definitely exists for a reason.

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We all know that swingers and swingers’ retreats exist, but I kinda got the impression that when they happened those involved wanted to go somewhere a little more high class than a trailer park. Yeah, I know dogging is really gross and just goes on at the side of the road, but I think that’s probably more about the thrill of having sex with a complete random in the middle of nowhere rather than the conditions – if you’re doing some serious swinging then you probably wanna go somewhere a little less grotty than a trailer park.

If you’re from Mamou, Louisiana though – three hours north of New Orleans in the middle of Cajun country – maybe you don’t have that many options though. There are only 3000 residents right now, but when a guy named ‘Tee-Boi’ opens his swingers trailer park next year you can bet that the population will be swelling every summer with an influx of tourists come to check it out and spend their holidays there.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video:

You can come to Mamou for many good things and this will be one of them.

Bring your house and share your spouse.

We have got some from Pennsylvania, we have got some from Arkansas, of course all around Acadiana, all around Mamou, Ville Platte, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell.

Live free and don’t be scared of it. There’s a big community of it. I think a bunch of them aren’t shy.

337-439-3380 is the number if you’re interested, but you gotta send a picture of your spouse for approval.

I’d be a fat frog’s butt if it’s not a real number.

Not sure what he means at the end there but doesn’t it all sound like a delightful experience? Gonna have to add Mamou, Louisiana to my bucket list now.

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