A British Man Has Officially Changed His Name To McLovin To Honour A Dead Friend



Back in 2007, the nerd world was forever changed with the arrival of McLovin in the film Superbad, impeccably played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse to the point that it’s almost impossible for him to escape the role no matter what he does.

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In fact, one man loved his portrayal so much that he’s officially changed his name to McLovin (first name Mc, second name Lovin) in order to honour a dead friend who died in mysterious circumstances. The former Mr George Fisher (pictured below) tells his story:


My new name is a daily reminder not to take life too seriously.

It makes people happy, even if they are taking the piss. They always have to see my licence before they believe me.

It came about due to the death of my friend Tim Crowe.

There was a group of four of us together who were inseparable. Then he started to disappear, hang out with different people. Then one day they found him dead, with no shoes, no wallet, no phone.

The police said it was not suspicious, saying he must have fallen and hit his head, but it just didn’t make sense to me.

I struggled with his death for two years.

I kept thinking about it and getting really down. It took me a long time to get over it.

After I met my partner Lydia I decided to change my mind after we went backpacking and decided to emigrate to New Zealand.


My first encounter with how happy changing my name to McLovin made people was down here when I got stopped by a cop.

When I handed him my driver’s licence, he couldn’t believe it. He asked if he could take a photo to show the boys back at the station.

We got a lot of free drinks when we were backpacking, and people often take the piss.

Some people call me McMuffin, because I’ve put on a bit of weight. But I’ve never had a negative response.

I don’t know changing your name is the right answer for everyone struggling with depression, but it definitely helped me.

A lot of it comes down to who you have around you. I’ve got some good friends now, and having those guys around me and my family makes all the difference.

My advice would be, it’s good to talk about that stuff, don’t bottle it up.

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Yeah, I think I would agree with him that that’s a much better way to deal with depression rather than changing your name to a fictional movie character who is a complete idiot, but hey what do I know? Just do what makes you happy – I’m not judging.

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