104 Year Old Great Grandmother Says Secret To Staying Old Is Daily Chocolate Bar

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Sounds good to me.

Everyone who reaches a certain age always thinks that they have the secret to long life and it’s always something really stupid. 104 year old Jessie Prentice is no exception this rule.

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Jessie thinks that eating a daily bar of chocolate is the reason that she’s been able to enjoy such a long and healthy life. Indeed, she only stopped driving at the age of 94 and only moved into a care home four years ago. That’s pretty impressive, even if it probably isn’t down to eating chocolate.

The fact that she never smoked and lived an active life probably had something to do with it too. Her sister in law Brenda said the following about her:

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She’s always been very active. She’s very interested in people and loves children.

Brenda visited Jessie for her birthday last Wednesday along with her eldest son Peter Prentice and grandson Graham Prentice. She also enjoyed a bar of her favourite chocolate – plain Dairy Milk. Not exactly that great but I suppose it does the trick.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or something. Let’s hope Jessie makes it to 105 – I’m off to eat my daily bar of chocolate.

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