93 People Have Collapsed In Quick Succession After Overdosing On Synthetic Marijuana

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The new killer.

Every time anyone ever mentions synthetic marijuana or spice, it’s literally just to say how completely rank it is and how it’s messed up their lives so it amazes me that people actually still want to try it – hopefully sharing stories like this will deter them though.

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Over in New Haven, Connecticut and more specifically New Haven Green which is right next to Yale University, it’s being reported that 93 people have collapsed in quick succession after overdosing on a form of synthetic marijuana known as K2. This occurred on Wednesday and Thursday and whilst no deaths have yet been reported, some victims are still in critical condition in hospital.

Police Chief Anthony Campbell said the following:

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Dealers are giving away K2 to get people hooked.

‘New Haven is a place where we really are trying to help people.

Someone … with malice in their heart took advantage of that, took advantage of this vulnerable population.

But that will not stop this city from reaching its hand out to those who are in need and treating them and providing those services.

We have arrested three suspects and charged them with supplying K2. They could face federal charges. We’r executing warrants to try and get all the bad drugs off the streets.

Well that would be nice if we could get all the bad drugs off the streets wouldn’t it, but I think they’ve been trying to do that for a while so just executing some warrants probably isn’t going to do all that much is it? Thanks for trying though.

In all seriousness though, most drug dealers don’t sell drugs that are actively gonna screw your life up if you don’t overindulge, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with this synthetic marijuana crap. The sooner people use their consciences and stop selling it the better. Hell, just stop making it in the first place. Literally no good can come of it except a couple of bucks and that’s hardly worth somebody’s life, is it?

For more evidence of how awful spice is then click here. So rank.


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