91 Year Old Man Confesses To Killing Soho Prostitute 70 YEARS AGO

Should this man still be sent to trial even though it’s been 70 years and he’s dying from cancer?

A 91 year old cancer patient living in Canada has admitted to shooting a Soho prostitute dead 70 years ago, after deciding he wanted to clear his conscience before he succumbs to the disease.

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He said he shot the woman, who had scammed him out of his cash, in a narrow alley close to the Blue Lagoon Club in Carnaby Street, using a WWI pistol.

He says he can’t remember the girl’s name, but when Scotland Yard detectives flew out to Canada to speak to him they were able to confirm the woman was 26 year old ‘exotic dancer’ Margaret Cook, who indeed had been shot dead as the man described in 1946.

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They’re now looking at extraditing him to the UK where he faces life (well, what he has left of life) in prison. If he’d been captured back when the murder took place though, he’d have been looking at the death penalty.

Is it even worth flying this guy over to the UK to put him on trial and send him to prison while he’s dying of cancer? The guy got away with murder for 70 YEARS and thought he may as well confess as he’s pretty much a dead man now anyway. I guess that’s some kind of closure for any remaining family Margaret Cook had left, though maybe the decision should ultimately lie with them.

Nobody was ever charged with the murder, so at least no one got wrongfully punished for it while this guy was off chilling in Canada. We really hate it when that happens.


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