9 Times JME Tweeted Pics Of His Lunch That Almost Turned Us Vegan (But Not Quite)

Certified delicious.

Celebs and musicians are no stranger to dabbling with fad diets but for some reason turning vegan is a different kettle of soy fish. Presumably it’s down to a change of mindset and lifestyle rather than just what you shove in your gob.

Grime legend JME, real name Jamie Adenuga, co-founder of Boy Better Know and collector of rare Charizard Pokémon cards is no stranger to the plant based life. Occasionally whilst minding my own business on Twitter, he will post a picture of whatever he’s eating like any other social media user does except everything he posts is vegan. It all looks actually decent unlike your extremely beige chicken nuggets and chips dinner you had with bae last night which for some reason you insist on uploading to Instagram even though it’s not cute. That’s going to be one boring Timehop.

Luckily for you foodies, I’m a bonafide creeper and after managing to go back through his timeline to the end of last year I decided it would be rude not to show you all the tasty morsels I found on my scrolling adventure. Here are nine mouth watering dishes sans animal products that our fave dude has posted on Twitter this year.

1Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream And Sauce


2. Spicy Avocado Enchiladas 

Please, I need this.

3. Buffet

I’ve actually been to Loving Hut before and I can confirm that it’s 10/10

4. Birthday Cake With Ice Cream

My birthday leftovers have never looked this good, clearly my family and friends don’t love me.

5. Roast Dinner

Sunday lunch sorted.

6. Spaghetti Bolognese

But that cheese looks so real?!?!?!?!?!

7. Vegetable Fried Rice

Way better than my 1am fridge foraging that’s for sure. Yes – I’m looking at you old leftover sandwich, you were gross. Why couldn’t you be this? Why are you NEVER THIS?!!

8. Falafel Flatbread

I am dying. Wish JME was my Mum so he’d make me a packed lunch every day. Want this with a packet of Walkers.

9. More Spaghetti

End my suffering.

Genuinely wish he would invite me over for tea, presumably he’s whipped up half of this stuff himself and everything looks fucking delicious. I should probably go and get some food before my insides eats themselves from drooling over all this. Helpful note to others: never blog about food on an empty stomach.

If you’re a salty af carnivore then feel free to direct your attention to this particularly cringe vegan losing his shit over real cheese on his pizza. Or maybe just learn chill the fuck out before the rest of the world has to live with the second hand embarrassment of knowing that you’ve wastefully attacked a veggie cafe with sausages and other meat. Pathetic.


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