VIDEO: 80s Self Defence Video Encourages Victim To Bite Off Attacker’s Penis

Blowjob Defence

The Red Dragon 80s instructional video shows how to stop mouth rape.

I think travel is really important in regards to experiencing the world and having a fuller understanding of yourself and the human condition. If I ever have a daughter, I’ll pay for her to do a round the world trip after she finishes college, but not until she’s learnt five types of martial arts and knows how to use some good old pepper spray.

You see, the world is a dangerous place, in case you weren’t aware, I’ve been to all seven continents and I’ve been in a lot of situations where I could have ended up dead. Luckily I’m a 6’1 guy with large hands and a loud voice, so I generally can sort myself out in a bad situation. However unjust, it’s very different for girls, so until my theoretical daughter of the future can beat me up, she ain’t going nowhere, and so in my quest to be a better theoretical father of the future I ensure to be well informed when it comes to martial arts and self defence.

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Here we have an instructional video from the school of Red Dragon Karate. It’s only short and VERY 80s but it gives the best advice possible when it comes to Oral Copulation Defence (stopping someone from making you give them a blowjob).

It contains the best advice one could receive in regards to such a situation…

your defence is simple

quit fighting and wait for your chance

bite off his penis



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