Most people know Jason Alexander as George from Seinfeld. Before Seinfeld broke though he was in a McDonald’s advert.

We’ve featured weird McDonalds adverts on Sick Chirpse before a bunch of times – who could forget the creepiest McDonalds advert ever from Japan, or this stupid McDonald’s advert from 1985 – and probably will again because there seem to be so many of them that are so stupid, but this is a real special find as Jason Alexander from Seinfeld stars in it. If you’re too young to know what Seinfeld is, then I guess you might have seen Jason Alexander play himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm a bunch of times. If you don’t know what either of those shows are, you probably need to check them out or get a humour transplant.

Anyway, I guess times were tough for Jason Alexander in the mid 80’s as he was reduced to playing a Jack Black kind of character in this McDonald’s advert for the new McDLT. I’m guessing the McDLT is a combination of McDonald’s and BLT – pretty smart huh? It’s advertising a lettuce and tomato hamburger, which I guess back then wasn’t just a standard burger. It looks like a pretty cool burger though as the burger and the lettuce/tomato is separated so that ‘the hot stays hot and the cool stays cool.’

In the advert Jason Alexander sings that to a bunch of people walking around a city and they sing it back to him and dance. It’s a pretty cool advert although I’m not really sure why Jason Alexander is wearing a labcoat or why all these people in the city are so desperate to get a good lettuce and tomato hamburger, or why they would start dancing when Jason Alexander tells them about the McDLT. Still, I guess that’s just how they made them back then in the 80’s. It got me interested in trying a McDLT if nothing else, and also got me thinking why nobody refers to them as ‘lettuce and tomato hamburgers’ anymore.

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