This 80s Corporate Video For A Nightclub In Halifax Will Is Just Perfect


Take my money.

The 80s were a weird time for everyone involved with them – at least as far as me looking back on them seems to suggest – but it’s videos like these that really drive the point home: it’s a video promoting a nightclub in Halifax for corporate events.

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Firstly, there’s so much wrong with that opening sentence that it’s unbelievable, mainly revolving around the fact that surely no corporate company is going to want to hold an event in a fucking nightclub? And especially not one in such a hole as Halifax, even back in 1987 or whenever.

But then you actually watch the video and it gets even better because The Coliseum looks like literally the best nightclub in history. Or worst, depending on who you look at it. Not only does it have some weirdo guy plodding around with a saxophone and not playing it all over it, but it also comes packed with about three different style of restaurants – including the best in American-Italian-Mexican dishes at Jamabalaya Joe’s – and a bunch of different bars, clubs too. It’s more like a shopping mall club than just your bog standard club with a couple of rooms.

Honestly you can’t really describe this video so grab yourself a packet of crisps or something and get ready for 8 minutes of thinking what the actual fuck is going on here:

Wow. My first question wasn’t answered at all as one of the first things the managing director (who’s very charismatic I’m sure you’ll agree) says is that they’ve got facilities for seminars and training days etc whilst showing pictures of cocktail bars? I mean that sounds like my kind of training day sure but is it really going to appeal to someone who actually wants to train their workforce?

After that the video only gets better another’s probably too much to really comment on, although another particular highlight was when Peter Marks finally manages to get his hands on those lights and lasers and throws down in another bizarrely edited and filmed sequence, followed by him leading the crowd in throwing some shapes with some weirdo in a dog mask. I can see why people would definitely want to hold their corporate events at the Coliseum with a show like that going on? I mean it’s obviously the perfect environment for a work retreat.

Unbelievably, the Coliseum has now closed down but at least we have the memories from this video., much like the 80s themselves.I truly would have loved to have visited.

For more reminders of just how weird the 80s were, check out this video of 80s video daters. Thank God for Tinder.


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