The 80 Year Old Priest And His 25 Year Old Romanian Toyboy Are ‘Happier Than Ever’ Living 1500 Miles Apart


These two again.

The last time we heard form 80 year old priest Philip Clements and his 25 year old Romanian husband Florin, the pair were trying to reconcile after Florin had ditched him for a Spanish sugar daddy and it looks like things might be looking slightly better for them now. Kinda.

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The pair are claiming to be happier than ever but it sounds like a bit of a weird relationship as Florin is working for a car rental company in Alicante, whereas Philip is back in Dover doing whatever a retired priest does and waiting for Florin to call. Surely if they were super happy they would be living together and Florin wouldn’t be gallivanting around the town hooking up with whoever and whatever. Come on, we all know that’s what he’s doing.

Anyway, Philip says that they’re happier than ever as he gets to FaceTime Florin every day for a few minutes and go on holiday with him once every couple of months, probably all out of his own pocket too. But the old codger seems gloriously unaware of all this – or that most of the world is laughing at him – and says the following about his relationship:

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Florin is my first long and meaningful relationship since I retired from the church, I am just so in love with him.

He is the funniest man ever, he makes me laugh until my belly hurts.

Laughter is such an important ingredient to our marriage. Florin is the most amazing man and is so handsome.

I hate it when we are not together, but we have accepted it and we are now stronger as a couple now we live apart.

Being miles apart doesn’t affect our relationship at all, we talk daily on FaceTime and I look forward to catching up and hearing about his day at work.

Not being with each other every day makes it more exciting, I literally count the days down until I see him again.

I can’t get too excited though because my heart would probably give up!

We hope to one day get a place together in Alicante and I would stay for two months at a time.

As he is much younger, I want to give him the chance to be free and hang out with his friends and have fun.

“Florin definitely keeps me young, even my dress sense has changed since meeting him, I now wear much tighter trousers.

I haven’t got long left in this world, and I would like nothing more to spend it with Florin.

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Must be nice to be that naive. I love that the way that even if they get a place together he’ll only be allowed to stay there for two months because Florin will be out and about shagging everything that moves. Really almost feel sorry for the guy.

Florin himself is playing along with it, offering the following comments:

Some people might say what have we got in common when we are 50 years apart, but actually we have loads in common and enjoy each otherscompany.

My family have accepted our marriage and think a lot of Philip which is amazing.

He is a clever man, he has taught me a lot over the past four years, Philip loves history.

I now know about the Victorian era and World War II, I like to listen to him.

We have fun when we go on holiday together, we go to the cinemas and eat lots of good food with good wine.

We are just like any other couple despite us being born 50 years apart.

Yeah, still not buying that there dude. Reckon these two will probably have split up and got back together at least two times by this time next year, with each time becoming increasingly bizarre and stupid. You heard it here first.

For more of the same, check out their history right here. Really is one of the weirdest relationships we’ve ever featured.


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