Forgetful Pensioner Left His Wife At The Airport Before Jetting Off To Spain

Pensioner Leaves Wife Airport

Getting rid of the old ball and chain.

It might be a situation that many of us secretly dream we could actually get away with – leaving our nagging other halves at the airport whilst we jet off on holiday – but 80-year-old Maurice Hunter actually ended up ditching his wife at Stansted and making it all the way to Spain before he realised that she was missing.

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Maurice went to the toilet quickly (or maybe not so quickly giving his age) before boarding his flight and when he returned he assumed that his wife had already boarded the plane as it had already been called. The couple weren’t sitting together as Maurice had requested extra leg room due to his 6’4” frame and so he had no way of knowing that his wife hadn’t actually boarded the plane. He even waved to a woman he thought was his wife before the plane took off – smooth moves dude.

However, Maurice became worried when he couldn’t see his wife after he disembarked from the plane in Spain:

Passengers sitting by the Welcome to Stansted airport signs in the interior of the terminal

I was worried something bad had happened because I could see that everyone was off the plane.

When I asked [a Spanish worker] where my wife was and if she was OK, he told me she was fine, but back in London. I couldn’t believe it.

The story doesn’t even end with Maurice having a sick time in Spain ripping it up on his own – he had to head back to England immediately because he’s diabetic and his wife had all of his medication. Unlucky pal.

The couple ended up spending their week long holiday in a caravan in Whitstable, Kent. Not exactly the Costa Del Sol is it?

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