80 Year Old Iris Leaves Viewers Disgusted After Describing Graphic Sex With 35 Year Old Mohamed

They used a whole tube of KY Jelly.

80 year old Iris and 35 year old Mohamed are the latest hot age gap couple, after their story was picked up by the national newspapers yesterday and they’re continuing to ride their wave of fame with an appearance on Good Morning Britain and disgusting Philip Schofield in the process.

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Iris and Mohamed met on Facebook after he added her randomly and started flirting with her and obviously people are going to question whether they’re actually that into her or Mohamed just wants her money. Well, Iris seems pretty adamant that he’s totally into her, as she saw fit to describe her sex life in excruciating detail on the programme.

Probably shouldn’t have really been played at that time in the morning to be honest. Here’s the highlights:

Lol Irish you filthy hoebag. Dread to think what else her and Mohamed have been getting up to as he no doubt tries to bang her into an early grave so he can take all her money.

Here’s a couple of disgusting/hilarious reactions to Iris’s kinky revelations:

Even if he is just doing this for the money, I don’t really think it’s that bad? Sounds like Iris is having the time of her life and even if it is all lies then at least Mohamed is doing that for and she’s enjoying herself. Hell, there’s no telling how long she’s gonna stay alive so Mohamed could be ramming it up her butt for another decade if things don’t go according to plan for him.

Probably will have deserved that money/British passport in that case, and Iris will have had a wild time too. Everyone wins so why we gotta keep on hating on them?

For more of the same, check out what Iris’s sons think of Mohamed. Not too keen, obviously.


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