80 Guys Ride Push Bikes To Various Houses Across Perth And Consume Over 1000 Beers Between Them In Awesome New Bar Crawl

Tour De Fridge

It’s known as the Tour de Fridge.

Well this looks like a completely sick idea and it’s already developed into a yearly tradition by the people who came up with it down in Ellenbrook, Western Australia. It looks as though it’s starting to be emulated all over the world too.

It’s pretty much as the title suggests, with a bunch of dudes getting together on their push bikes and riding around town to various houses that are hosting the event. Once there, they proceed to drink all the beers and bags of wine that are in the place and then move onto the next house.

Beer pong, fancy dress, beers bongs and wrestling moves are all encouraged as all the competitors proceed to get absolutely steaming. What makes it even better is that all these Australians seem to have swimming pools in their backyards so there’s no end of cool hijinks involved with them too. There’s also a great part about halfway through the video where a bunch of people try to do wrestling moves on each other through a table that never breaks and looks insanely painful, but I suppose when you’re as drunk as this you probably don’t notice. Probably better to do WWE finishers in a swimming pool like this guy to be honest.

It basically looks like one of the most fun days ever, although I’m not really sure how any of them are even standing after the second house because they’re getting totally annihilated here. I guess Australians know how to drink.

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