8-Year-Old Suspended From School For Snorting Smarties

A third-grader has been suspended from school for crushing up Smarties and snorting them through a straw.

A third-grader from Newton County, Ga. was suspended from school for two days for crushing up some Smarties and snorting them through a straw. The letter his teachers sent him home with said he’d been “sniffing a powdery substance” at school. The kid’s mum said “he told me he had witnessed a student in his class, and he actually watched her. He watched her crush it up and inhale it. And I asked him, ‘What made you so curious about it?’ He said her reaction was like, WHOO!.” Smarties give a sick sugar rush, apparently, especially if snorted.

We didn’t snort Smarties back in my day but I don’t think my school would have suspended me for it. I don’t really remember anyone getting suspended for anything other than one of those sick lunch time fights, where the whole lunch hall would explode into excitement at two dudes swinging for each other after weeks of pent up hostility.

Anyway, not sure what sending this 8-year-old home proves or helps. He’s just going to sit around at home now snorting Smarties and watching Spongebob in his PJs whereas if he was in school they could make an actual lesson out of it.

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