This 71 Year Old Grandpa Has Way Better Dress Sense Than You

Streetwear Grandpa

He’s gone viral for always donning the latest streetwear.

I’ve often wondered at what point in my life I’ll ditch my usual wardrobe and start wearing what can only be described as ‘dad attire’, but it’s still yet to happen and the guy in this article has led me to believe that it might actually never occur.

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His name is Alojz Abram and he’s a 71 year old grandpa who still can’t get enough of the latest streetwear brands and probably owns way more clothes in that department than you. Complex caught up with him for a short profile about why he dresses like this and loves the streetwear lifestyle:

What an absolute killer. I think my favourite part about it all is that he’s only recently become infatuated with streetwear and has only been building his collection for about a year, but is still absolutely killing it harder than most people who have been obsessed with it for years. I guess being retired and having loads of money and free time probably helps in that respect.

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