Watch This 7-Year-Old Go Rambo On Armed Robbers During GameStop Robbery

This kid is an absolute legend.

A young boy was captured on CCTV throwing punches at two suspects during an armed robbery at a GameStop in Silver Spring, Maryland over in the States this week.

Police say the two suspects armed with handguns entered the shop and ordered 3 customers, including the young kid, against the wall near the till.

Well instead of doing that, the young boy ran up to one of the robbers and started smashing him up with punches. Unfortunately despite the kid’s heroic efforts, the suspects managed to get away with some cash and personal property.

The boy’s mum said:

Well, he’s tough. He’s tough and, you know, I think instincts come out in situations like that.

What a little badasss. Those guys thought they could just rock up to GameStop and rob the place like it’s the easiest thing in the world? Stick their guns in the faces of the virgins behind the till and just clean the place out? Not this time. Not when this 7-year-old kid is about. That was a pretty solid punching combo he landed as well. The nerds behind the tills dropped to the floor and crapped themselves on the thieves’ orders, but that 7-year-old wasn’t backing down without a fight.

Hopefully the 7-year-old kid that’s still missing in bear-infested woods over in Japan has got similar skills.


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