7 Odd Art-E-Facts

A List of 7 of some of the weirdest sculptures, paintings, pottery, urinals and food to ever be labelled art.

Ever wondered what happens when someone takes it a step further than Tracey Emin?

Here are some of the more bizarre sculptures, paintings, urinals and foods to ever be labelled ‘art’:

“Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp



One can argue the origins of toilet humour have been chased ferociously throughout history. Hunted by Edward Lear in his pursuit of filthy limericks or the every man in search of a better pub joke, toilet humour can only breed a finer form: toilet art. ‘Fountain’ by Marchel Duchamp, signed “R.Mutt” and created in 1915 is an early example of the art movement, Dadaism. Defined as a European movement that, ‘flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity’, Dadaism developed to create deep and meaningful ‘anti-art’ and nothing channels Cezanne’s precision and beauty like the pisser.

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