7-11 Worker Gives Zero Fucks; Pulls Shotgun From Hands Of Man Robbing Him (VIDEO)

Balls of solid steel.

A 7-11 clerk over in Maryland has become something of a local hero after he was caught on CCTV disarming a would-be robber who had a shotgun pointed at his face.

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Store owner Abdul Ayub says:

[The man] pointed it at my employee and started screaming at my employee, screaming in his face, and [my employee] grabbed [the gun] and took it out of the guy’s hands.

And the guy ran out of the store, so now the police have the gun and he didn’t get anything.

It’s not often you see a minimum wage worker willing to die for the 7-11/McDonald’s/Aldi they work for, but I think we’ve found one here. This guy must’ve had an inkling the gun wasn’t loaded (it wasn’t) but then you can never be sure, can you? Dude was literally ready to take a bullet and for what? $7 an hour? Definitely going down in the 7-11 history books for that one.

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